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"I'm better with code than with words"

If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry.

Ambassadors of Nexus

Colin Cantrell

Colin Cantrell

Slack ID: @videlicet

Colin Cantrell is the creator of Nexus, one of the most advanced peer to peer networks in the world with cryptocurrency (NXS) as its unit of value. He is a hardware and software expert, inventor, composer, musician and entrepreneur. He enjoys the study of physics, philosophy, history, cryptography, and knowledge in general applying all of this for a positive change in the world.

Preston Smith

Preston Smith

Slack ID: @pdogg147

Preston has been heavily involved in cryptocurrency since early 2014 and immediately recognized the power of blockchain technology to change the world. He has strengths in management, writing, and editing and works to help guide the Vision of Nexus. He loves spending time with his family, is a nature lover, enjoys live music, and likes learning about the Cosmos and metaphysics.

Keith F. Smith

Keith F. Smith

Slack ID: @keith_nightandday

Keith is a web developer, retired contractor, podcast producer, video producer, GUI developer, manager, writer, and family man. As a student of Austrian economics, he tried to prove cryptocurrency to not be as good as gold and silver. The more he studied, traded, tested, and used cryptocurrency, the more he realized cryptocurrency is not only a solution, but the solution.

Kierre Reeg

Kierre Reeg

Slack ID: @kierrereeg

Kierre Reeg is a graduate of CU Boulder with a degree in business finance. He worked as a senior equity trader at Unicom Capital, a Denver/NYC based Hedge Fund, for over 8 years before founding TYME ( with his family members. Currently Kierre is the CEO of TYME and of Visum Capital a private investment firm focusing on early stage companies, equities and crypto currencies.

Shaun Preece

Shaun Preece

Slack ID: @shaunpreece

Shaun has over a decades worth of experience in the creative field specialising in creating highly detailed artwork and branding creating works for the likes of Coca Cola, The Royal Mint, Under Armour and more.

Alongside his design work Shaun runs a number of successful businesses and is a co-founder of the Desktopography movement. Shaun has won a number of awards along with being featured in over 13 industry focused magazines including computer arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Creative Arts. He is a family man, keen musician, fitness freak and coffee addict.

Glen Luyckx

Glen Luyckx

Slack ID: @mrprobz

Glen is from Belgium currently working as a system engineer. Hobby's always included tinkering with hardware. Anything with engineering fascinates him, from cars, motorcycles to computers. Glen tries to be as much of a help as possible helping community members with mining and wallet issues. Glen has been in into crypto since about 2014 and started off with litecoin mining with a couple of mining rigs.

" In the end I found Mirrax his topic on btctalk and was absolutely swallowed by Viz his speaking about nexus .. Thats when i decided to get in this project and help out as much as possible.."

Andrew Krohn

Andrew Krohn

Slack ID: @ajkrohn

Andrew is a community support team member that is also working on media production and marketing for Nexus. After studying Economics and Finance, he learned the truth behind how the economic system actually operates and knew that there must be a better way.

In 2014 Andrew discovered Bitcoin and blockchain technology and realized that it was going to change the world. In his free time, Andrew enjoys researching quantum mechanics, ancient civilizations, philosophy and astronomy. You can find Andrew in Slack or answering the community's questions on the Nexus website's live chat.

Ashley Swazey

Ashley Swazey

Slack ID: @concordia

Colin's personal assistant, and therefore, a wearer of many hats. Artist, pianist, photographer, poet, and creative with any medium accessible. A hippie from the 1960's in a past life. Licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, and energy healer. Wildly adventurous and enthusiastic. Passionate about bringing cryptocurrency to people who are unaware of its existence or potential. Committed to spreading Nexus and it's mission of sustainable global abundance. Bridge of communication for anyone wanting to be more involved, offer skills, propose projects, or any interview/meeting requests with Colin. 

Other Notable Community Members

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