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Sep 21st -23rd

Nexus Conference

September 21st-23rd 2017

Nexus Conference 2017 
Aspen, Colorado

A conference hosted by Nexus discussing decentralized and disruptive technologies!

Join us in Aspen, Colorado September 21st-23rd, 2017 at the Aspen Meadows Resort!

There will be speeches and question and answer sessions from some of the brightest minds about business, finance, technology, networks, aerospace, blockchains, bitcoin, gold and silver, economics, philosophy, medical marijuana, music, data, hardware systems, and the future of the internet.

Each day will be filled with activities with nightly entertainment after the event to relax and facilitate one on one and small group discussions!

September in Aspen is a wonderful time to visit. You can see the beautiful fall foliage as the aspen leaves begin to turn from green to golden brown before falling off for the winter. So, bring your fall clothes and be ready for some fun!

Shuttles and Buses commute to and from the Aspen Meadows Resort. Uber also operates in the area.

Aspen is a resort town so there are lots of places to stay nearby. Additional information about reserved lodging will be provided when available.

Conference Speakers

Speakers in Alphabetical Order

1) Ed Asner

2) Jeff Berwick

3) Perianne Boring

4) Ellen Brown

5) Derrick Broze

6) Colin Cantrell

7) Jim Cantrell

8) Doug Casey

9) Joseph Ciccolo

10) Brooks Clifford

11) Angus de Champion Crespigny

12) Eleesa Dadiani

13) Eli Dickison

14) Dino Farinacci

15) Adella Toulon- Foerster

16) Flip Filipowski

17) Catherine Austin Fitts

18) G. Edward Griffin

19) Earnest Hancock

20) Scott Haze

21) John Held

22) Stacy Herbert

23) Charles Hoskinson

24) George Howard

25) Lulu Jovovich

26) Max Keiser

27) Adam Kokesh

28) Dennis Kucinich

29) Sterlin Luxan

30) Elizabeth McCauley

31) Tatiana Moroz

32) Andrew Napolitano

33) David North

34) Jordan Page

35) Jesse Parsons

36) Ron Paul

37) Robert Anthony Peters

38) Drew Phillips

39) James Micheal Reed

40) Peter Schiff

41) Brett Tabke

42) Christina Tobin

43) James Tobin

44) Lyn Ulbricht

45) Jesse Ventura

46) Roger Ver

47) Robert Viglione

48) Arry Yu

Blockchain Election Event

The Nexus conference is proud to host a Forum for candidates running for the office of Governor of Colorado in 2018. 

Four candidates have confirmed they will be coming and all will soon be announced once all the candidates attending have confirmed. 

Musical Appearances By

Thursday Night: music Event at Belly Up. The Sean Costanza Band, Jordan Page, Tatiana Moroz, Patrick Hazell

Friday Night: A Special Screening of "Mully" in downtown Aspen movie theatre, with Director Scott Haze.

Music at Bootsy Bellows Nightclub with Wall of Tom

Saturday Night: Music at Bootsy Bellows Nightclub with surprise music guests.

Local Hotel Deals

Here is additional info for hotels we have set up reservation links for

Snowmass - 6 miles from the Aspen Institute, is offering fantastic Autumn lodging rates.

Stonebridge Inn

$109/night ++

or 800-922-7242

Code = NexusEarth


$149/night ++


Code = NexusEarth

Weblink for reservations to follow

Flights to Aspen

Some Airports do not fly direcly to Aspen Colorado. Make sure to get your flights reserved early. .

Fees: $499.00 for Conference Pass

           $699.00 for All-Event Pass (Includes meals, breakfast & lunch & night activities)

  Individual tickets will be sold for night time events and/or Day Passes.

Aspen Meadows Resort

845 Meadows Road

Aspen, CO 81611