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Sep 21st -23rd

Nexus Conference

September 21st-23rd 2017

The Nexus Conference 
Aspen 2017

The Nexus Conference Explained

The One Event This Year You Can’t Afford To Miss! Get your tickets before they sellout!

Come and join us in Aspen and participate in the most dynamic think tank of the year. There will be speeches and question and answer sessions from some of the brightest minds about business, finance, technology, networks, aerospace, blockchains, bitcoin, gold and silver, economics, philosophy, medical marijuana, music, data, hardware systems, and the future of the internet.


The Nexus Conference is Your Connection to the Future


Your Connection To The Future - Of Blockchain

Colin Cantrell - Nexus Creator

Roger Ver - Bitcoin Legend

Your Connection To The Future - Of Finance

Dave North - CEO of Sedgwick (The world’s largest insurance service provider)

Peter Schiff - CNBC contributor

Doug Casey - Founder Casey research

Jeff Berwick - Founder of The Dollar Vigilante

Flip Filipowski - Futurist / Tech Entrepreneur

G Edward Griffin - Writer of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

Dr. Patrick M. Byrne - Founder of

Your Connection To The Future - Of Politics

Ron Paul - Former Congressman & Presidential Candidate

Jesse Ventura - Former Governor & TV Personality

Dennis Kucinich - Former Congressman & Presidential Candidate

Your Connection To The Future - Of Space

Jim Cantrell - CEO Vector Space Systems

Your Connection To The Future - Of Arts & Entertainment

Max Keiser - Host of the Keiser Report on RT

Tatiana Moroz - Singer - Songwriter and Blockchain Expert

Conference Speakers

What is the Nexus Conference?

Between September 21st and 23rd, a Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Conference unlike any other will be held in Aspen, Colorado. The Nexus Conference provides an exciting three days of interaction with top minds from a variety of fields. The Conference is filled with so many great speakers and events that four different conference rooms will have concurrent activities throughout each day. This format provides a custom experience by allowing participants to pick and choose which events they want to attend. Attendees may even find themselves sitting next to or sharing ideas with one of their favorite authors, actors or figures from the crypto world. Additional activities are scheduled throughout the day, evening, and night to offer an experience packed full of education, interaction, and fun.


The Conference has over 47 speakers from many different backgrounds and industries. Such a diverse lineup of folks will facilitate discussion about how we can all work together to use this technology to benefit everyone. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain/Tech world experts including Roger Ver, Charles, Hoskinson, Colin Cantrell, Arry Yu, and Brett Tabke will be among the many present from this growing industry. The Conference features Jesse Ventura, Dr. Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and others from the political world. Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Ellen Brown, G. Edward Griffin, Catherine Austin Fitts, Max Keiser, and other well known names from the financial sector will be giving presentations. Business and industry leaders such as David North, Jim Cantrell, Perianne Boring, and many others will be represented. Younger leaders such as Elizabeth McCauley, Sterlin Luxan, Adam Kokesh, Christina Tobin, Derrick Broze, Jeff Berwick, and others will be on hand. Judge Andrew Napolitano, the great Ed Asner, and others from television and film will be attending and joining the discussion. Musicians such as Tatiana Moroz, Jordan Page, and others will be performing and speaking.


On Saturday, a focus will be on politics and political leaders. An exciting discussion will take place as the Conference will host a first ever Cryptocurrency/Blockchain political campaign event. The Colorado Governor's seat is up for election in 2018. Over a dozen candidates from the two major political parties are running for office. The majority of candidates have already committed to come to the event. Since the subject matter for this day focuses on politics, former Presidential candidates, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, will be on hand for the Saturday activities. Dr. Paul will be closing the Conference with his keynote speech.


Participants will also have the opportunity to have an Aspen experience. Music events are planned with top musicians at the two hottest clubs in Aspen, Belly Up on Thursday night and Bootsy Bellows on Friday & Saturday. In addition, the Nexus Conference will be hosting a special screening of "Mully", a heroic documentary of a man who has saved thousands of orphans' lives in Kenya. The Director, Scott Haze, will introduce the film and take questions afterwards.


The Nexus Conference is a unique event with a distinct purpose. Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain are becoming more mainstream as folks from many different backgrounds realize the potential. The technology touches so many different industries and fields. This event brings brilliant minds from different backgrounds together...The Nexus Conference is about sharing ideas, not just business cards. Come to Aspen and be a part of this historic inaugural event that promises to be like no other conference that you've ever attended.     

Blockchain Election Event

The Nexus conference is proud to host a Forum for candidates running for the office of Governor of Colorado in 2018. 

Musical Appearances By

Thursday Night: music Event at Belly Up. The Sean Costanza Band, Jordan Page, Tatiana Moroz, Patrick Hazell

Friday Night: A Special Screening of "Mully" in downtown Aspen movie theatre, with Director Scott Haze.

Music at Bootsy Bellows Nightclub with Wall of Tom

Saturday Night: Music at Bootsy Bellows Nightclub with surprise music guests.

Your STANDARD TICKET includes: 3 days of access to all lectures and conference speakers (does not include extra events such as the Private Movie Screening, the VIP Parties, or meals)

Your ALL EVENTS PASS gets you access to: ALL guest speakers, EVERY conference topic for ALL 3 days, round table discussions with some of the greatest minds, the Colorado Governor Forum, a Red Carpet Private Movie Screening of Mark Haze's Movie "Mully", the After Party at Belly

Up Thursday Night, the After Party at the Bootsy Bellows Nightclub Friday AND Saturday with a Special Guest on Saturday Night, as well as Breakfast and Lunch for ALL 3 days!

Single Day STANDARD PASS: $175 for 1 day of conference lectures (does not include VIP Events or meals)

Single Day ALL PASS: $250 for 1 day includes all if that day's conference lectures, After Party Events, and meals.

Flights to Aspen

Some Airports do not fly direcly to Aspen Colorado. Make sure to get your flights reserved early. .

Fees: $499.00 for Conference Pass

           $699.00 for All-Event Pass (Includes meals, breakfast & lunch & night activities)

  Individual tickets will be sold for night time events and/or Day Passes.

Aspen Meadows Resort

845 Meadows Road

Aspen, CO 81611